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This class is for anyone wanting to explore the fabulous and creative technique of printing your own fabrics for craft & textile projects. You do not need to have any prior printing experience or drawing/design skills for this workshop.



You will learn the basics of silkscreen printing, how to use, prepare & care for printing equipment. I will also introduce you to mixing dyes/pastes and creating your own colours.

The printing techniques covered will be stencil & a resist paste, I will guide you through designing prints in repeat and how to' fix' your design on your cloth so it can be washed.



Introduction to silkscreen printing and colour mixing. Exploring stencil designing, cutting and printing followed by sampling some ideas with resist paste printing. You will produce a series of small fabric samples in each of these techniques to help gain confidence and develop your skills.



Planning and preparing a more complex/layered design for your fabric, considering colour combinations and combining techniques learnt on day one. Final aim for day 2 is to produce a  piece of printed fabric ready for use in a future textile project or to go in a frame.


This class is suitable for anyone wanting to learn how to produce either one off single prints or layering patterns and colour on cloth. You will be encouraged to experiment and develop throughout the workshop in a relaxed and creative environment. Specialised printing equipment is expensive and does effect the total cost.


Please Note

This workshop does not involve a lightbox, exposure unit or light sensitive emulsion. Extensive washing out space is not required either; this is a technique developed for you to be able to achieve at home!

Also during this class you will not be able to produce extensive 'lengths' of fabric (for garment making for example) due to space, size of equipment, time and the cost of the printing dye/paste.




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